Calamity katie was a horrid little monster, who often did nasty things on purpose and even more often quite by accident. Like all little monsters she liked nothing better than a good party with all her little monster friends, like Catastrophe Kevin, Disaster David, and Apocalypse Andy. They would have yummy things to drink like sheep dip and freshly squeezed blisters.
Katie was charming in a fiendish sort of way but very spoilt. She would never share her toys and if another monster won at pass-the-parcel she would often rip their head off.
At Kevin's birthday party there was an ugly scene when she was the first to lose at musical murders, she was so cross she refused to murder anyone.
When she was happy though she was terrific fun, running and laughing and the occasional killing. She would play with her friends excitedly and only occasionally rip someone's arm off, and even when she did it was usually by accident.
She really liked to play with Kevin, which is why she only rarely injured him, he was her best friend.
Katie's birthday was a total disaster though, she cried and cried and banged her head against the floor. "I don't want a hangman's noose she said, I wanted a voodoo doll set with pins!"
I've got you something better than a silly doll said Kevin, Open this box.
A  Cerberus, he's lovely! I am going to call him Rufus.
And Katie was so good at looking after her new pet that he only ever suffered very minor injuries.
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